Monday, March 7, 2011

Persy -- Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

For a while now, teenagers in America haven't been staying dead. Everywhere else in the world, no zombies have appeared, and not even America are there middle aged, juvenile, or senior citizens rising from the grave. And in Oakville, a surprisingly large number of "living impaired" have gathered.

Phoebe Kendall, though a goth, isn't a zombie. But her previous best friend, Colette, is. Also, Phoebe's getting more and more interested in Tommy, one of the quicker zombies who has high goals.

But though Phoebe and her two friends, Adam and Margi (both alive), are accepted into the undead circle and break down the walls of prejudice and fear, not everyone has. Tommy ambitiously tries out for the football team, where the coach and all his teammates (except Adam) try relentlessly to make him quit. More and more zombies are getting attacked and beaten just for existing. And by making friends with them, Phoebe has made herself a target.

Generation Dead, first in the series, is pretty darn amazing. Let's just put that right out there. It's realistic, gripping, intense, thought-provoking (you know how much I hate saying that). Though Phoebe's not the most amazing main character, she's certainly not the worst. Adam makes up for it, though, and while lots of the characters aren't strictly likeable, they're realistic and well rounded.

But what really makes this book a winner for me is the plot. It's not long before you're questioning everything the zombies say, shaking the book in an attempt to make Tommy talk, and practically tearing your eyes out wishing you could read faster. And the ending... I'm not giving a thing away, but let's just say I had to sit still for a while to absorb it. It took my breath away (heheh, like zombies? They don't breathe? Okay, anyway...). Not everyone can pull off that kind of 'explanation', but Daniel Waters did it admirably. I still can't wait to read the second book.

Even if you don't strictly like zombies, I'd reccommend this book. It's about zombies, but it's not about zombies, if you know what I mean. Five stars, Mr. Waters.


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