Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Persy -- Wednesday Scrolls

So do you want the good news or the bads news first? Let's go with the bad.

Justin Bieber is writing a book.

Are you okay? Need some CPR, advil, a tree to bang your head against? That's kind of how I reacted too.

A press release said it would be a memoir, but Justin Bieber himself said he's "A little too young" to be writing a life story. Which I quite agree with. Instead, it's going to feature never-before-photos of Bieber taken backstage at various performances etc. etc. I saw on http://www.roflrazzi.com/ that the book would be made up of tweets and doodles as well, but so far that's unconfirmed for me. Duck and cover, people, the Bieb is moving on to the book industry...

Let me just apologize if there's a Justin Bieber fan reading this. I personally don't like him (in case you hadn't figured that out), but if you do, you go ahead and go read his picture book.

And NOW for some news -I- find fabulous!

Neal Shusterman's, who is the author of Everlost, the Dark Fusion series (http://persyandarty.blogspot.com/2010/07/arty-dread-locks-by-neal-shusterman.html), Full Tilt, What Daddy Did, and more, Unwind is in the process of being movie-ified. I haven't actually read this one yet (though it's now at the top of my list), but everything I have ever read by Neal Shusterman has been amazing. Everything. Generally, there's at least one or two novels by an author I dislike, but that is not the case with Neal Shusterman. This guy's just amazing.

The movie's ETA is currently set for 2012, but who knows if it'll actually come out then. You can visit Neal Shusterman's Unwind Move website (http://unwindmovie.com/UNWINDMOVIE/UNWIND.html) for more info.

The novel is about a world where unwanted teens get salvaged for body parts. Three teenagers, all with their own circumstances that will lead to being unwound, are drawn together and attempt to survive until their eighteenth birthday, when they can no longer be harmed. I am definitely looking forward to this.

And for our last bit of Wednesday news, Meg Cabot, author of the Princess Diaries and Airhead (as well as other series' and novels writing as Jenny Carroll), just released a vampire novel listed under horror (on Fantastic Fiction, anyway). If you're like me, this wasn't something you'd expect Meg Cabot to write. When I think of Meg Cabot, I think of sparkly pink covers featuring tiaras or catwalks and strange stories about reincarnation (Avalon High). But her vampire novel, Insatiable, which was released in June, actually looks rather interesting.

Meena Harper doesn't believe in vampires, and is sick of hearing about them, but her bosses make her write about them anyway. She also has the unique gift of precognition and knows how people will die. Now here's where it sounds more like the Meg Cabot I know: Meena falls in love with a modern day prince with a dark side, who *gasp* is already dead! Meena's desperately in love with him, but he might turn into something of a nightmare... dun dun dun.

Insatiable is now on my reading list, but it could be a loong time before I actually get around to it. To be honest, it doesn't sound especially unique or overly interesting, but I suppose we'll see.

Thanks for reading this week's Wednesday Scrolls! Please pop in for this Saturday's book review!


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