Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Persy -- Special Book Deal

There's a special deal to get the free ebook version of Mayne Attraction: In The Spotlight by Ann Mauren. None of you have probably heard about this book, mostly because it's near impossible to find and the author is relatively new. It's a romance/suspense novel about a teenage girl named Ellery Mayne, who finds herself under surveillance of a security detail. As she tries to figure out why, she tests how far she can go without tipping the surveillance crew off that she knows they're there. It may not sound interesting, but I have pretty high hopes.

At Ann Mauren's website http://mayneattraction.com/, you can read excerpts of the book and comment. You can also get five dollars off both the paperback version and the ebook.

But what's not on the website, or at least I have found it, is a code to get the ebook free. I'm not an ebook kind of person, I prefer to have a book in my hands, but if you don't mind reading on the computer, then it's a great deal. Ann Mauren herself gave me the code and authorized putting it on the blog. But the deal only lasts to the end of August!

Here's the code: MH47V. Just copy the code and enter it here http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/13213 at the checkout, and In The Spotlight, the ebook, is yours for free! Ann Mauren also recommends getting the free version of Kindle for PCs off of Amazon, but it's not required to read the ebook.

I ordered my own paperback version from Amazon, so be expecting a full review of it in the near future!


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  1. Awesome! Thanks for pimping my book Percy!

    I just want to point out to anyone interested in Mayne Attraction that 'In The Spotlight' is book one of a series where each volume presents the viewpoint of one of the main characters of the love triangle at the heart of the story. So as you read Ellery's version of things, remember that later you will also get to hear more from other angles...

    Be sure to visit www.MayneAttraction.com for more on all three books including images from places in the story and music that goes with each chapter (a soundtrack of sorts, which by the way I'm always looking to improve, so please make suggestions on that if you're inclined).

    Thanks and enjoy!

    Ann Mauren